Top 3 Reasons Why Many Women Having BBLs Done

About ten years ago, no woman would openly admit to having any form of cosmetic butt augmentation done. 

But in recent years, there has been a wave surrounding its popularity, and more women are admitting to having work done, celebrities included, and are speaking out about their experience. According to Business Insider, 40,000 butt augmentation procedures were conducted in 2020 in the US. But one has to wonder, why are so many women having BBLs done?

In this post, we’ll explore three of the possible answers to this very intriguing question. 

What is a BBL?

Before we dive into the ‘why’ of things, let’s first look at what it is.

A BBL, which is short for Brazilian Butt Lift, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures being done by all genders. It involves taking fat from other areas of the body, such as the stomach and then, processing and transferring that fat to the hips and buttocks, making them fuller and curvier.

Why are Women Craving BBLs?

Several reasons are suspected to account for the drastic increase in the number of women wanting to have work done on their butts. So, let’s look at the three most common and likely reasons. 

Better Option than Implants

Before BBLs became so popular, most women had to use synthetic implants, and today, some women without enough fat use that option as well. However, based on the composition of the implant coupled with body processes, an implant must be replaced every few years. Plus, there is a risk of an adverse reaction, and implants do not look as natural as BBLs. 

Boost in Confidence

Not gonna lie, everywhere we look these days, especially online, there are these curvy women looking so good. So, women without that pulpiness in their buttocks may start feeling a bit self-conscious about their figure, and it can even dampen their self-esteem. Consequently, many women tend to get BBLs so that they too can have a curvy figure and feel better about themselves. 

Faster Results

We all know that exercising consistently can give anyone a nice round, firm butt. However, it takes a whole lot of time and so much work. In fact, you may have to workout for four to five days per week and up to six months before you start seeing real improvement in the appearance of your butt. 

Additionally, there are some companies that sell creams, oils, and various serums for buttock enhancement. But do these even work? On the other hand, with a BBL, in a matter of weeks, you will begin to see real results, and some persons see a marked difference right after surgery, even with the swelling that their body is experiencing. 

BBLs are booming in popularity, and women of all ages, even young girls, are rushing to get their derriere plumped up. Numerous reasons account for their decision, with the most common being faster results, confidence boost, and BBLs are a better option than implants. 

We wish you the best on your journey to a curvier you! When it comes to recovery know that Snatched By Us is always here for you. Select a Recovery Care Kit today along with Compression Garments to help you achieve a curvier you.

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