Here’s Why Recovery is One of the Most Important Components after Cosmetic Surgery. 

With any form of surgery done, medical or cosmetic, you need to take extra care during the recovery process to ensure the surgery’s complete success. However, in the cosmetic world, recovery is probably the most important component after surgery, particularly after a tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). 

But why is the recovery process so essential to your surgery’s outcome? To truly understand its importance, let’s take a look at a few of the postoperative (after surgery) care requirements that are needed for both a BBL and a tummy tuck and why you need to practice them. 

No Exercise Until You’ve Been Medically Cleared

Yes, you will be excited about your new look and even more anxious to keep yourself looking good, and one way to do so is by exercising. However, this is prohibited until otherwise stated by your surgeon. 

Exercising before your body is physically able to handle that stress can delay healing and even cause scarring at the surgical site and surrounding areas. Therefore, no squats or even lifting of anything heavy around your home until the doc says so. Get someone to help you out until that time, especially if you have kids or anyone else to care for. 

Get Adequate Rest

Postoperative rest cannot be emphasized enough and it is required after every major surgical procedure. Think about how you feel after getting a good night’s sleep when you’ve had a previously long day. This is the same effect good quality and adequate rest will have on your body after your BBL and tummy tuck procedures. 

Similar to ill-timed exercising, not getting enough rest can significantly hamper your healing process. Rest, relax, and allow circulation and other natural body processes to occur that encourage healing. 

For a BBL, you will be required to stay off your butt completely for at least two weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will provide more specifics on this; however, this is to allow for proper circulation and reduce the likelihood of you damaging the tissue before it heals. 

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

We can’t stress how bad it will be if you smoke and drink shortly after your surgery. On a regular basis, these lifestyle habits can and will cause great harm to various parts and organs of your body, and their effects are worsened when your body is not in a 100 percent working state. 

Smoking especially will damage your blood vessels, which negatively affects blood flow to the sites that need healing. This may result in delayed recovery, scarred tissue, and in severe cases, tissue necrosis. 

Be on a Proper Post-Surgery Diet

After your tummy tuck or BBL, the road to recovery is long, and eating healthy meals after these procedures is one way to boost the recovery process. Plus, it sets you up for what is to come in terms of eating habits adjustments to maintain the results of your tummy tuck. 

You should opt for healthy meal options containing protein to build and repair those damaged tissues. Reduce your salt, sugar, and carbohydrate intake. You should receive a meal plan or list of foods from your surgeon; stick to it.

Also, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, as this will help you avoid dehydration and the host of complications that come with it. 

Overall, the recovery process can undo what the surgeon has done, so to secure those expensive results that you paid for, even when it seems so simple or pointless, adhere to the postoperative guidelines provided by your surgeon and if you aren’t sure about something, it’s always best to call for advice.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions about your recovery process. Snatched By Us is here to help by providing all pre and post surgical products you will need.  Shop Now!

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